Vampire (PRP) Treatment of Contact Dermatitis

Research shows the PRP can down-regulate the autoimmune response (helping those we problems like contact dermatitis, lichen sclerosus, and eczema).

In the following video, Leah Kenney (one of our Vampire Facelift® providers) injects someone with PRP who has a contact dermatitis from a ring (the before & after photos follow)...

Here's some of the research regarding the use of PRP for the treatment of dermatitis<--

Here's some of the research regarding the treatment of auto-immune problems<--

before and after prp for contact dermatitis

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One thought on “Vampire (PRP) Treatment of Contact Dermatitis”

  1. Fantastic NEWS, thank you for sharing. I’m curious how you go about treating Eczema? Typically it’s a larger surface that it spreads over. Would you agree that it would be beneficial to use the PRP micro pen and inject the area as well? Maybe consider bundling the cost, if the area is a Lg area.

    What’s everyone’s thoughts?

    – M.Smith

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