Vampire Treatments to Help with Severe Active Acne

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Charles Runels,...: Hello, I'm Charles Runels. I'm going to talk with you today about a really serious problem, acne. And acne it's not just unless you've suffered from it maybe you don't know, but acne can really be limiting. It often comes at a time when people are developing socially and it can be severe enough to where it can be embarrassing for people to even show their faces. It can hurt. It can lead to scarring, severe scarring, that can last a lifetime. It can be a really life-limiting problem. It's not life-threatening, but it's very life-limiting.
And there's been lots of research, lots of money spent, trying to figure out how to make it go away. We've had topical ointments. When I was a kid, they would actually use radiation sometimes, x-ray radiation, which leaves you at risk for thyroid cancer down the line. So it's serious enough that people would have tried lots of things, sun lamps, which also make you at risk for basal cell carcinomas down the road. But there's been a growing number of people have been using our vampire facelift protocols, not just to make the face look younger, but to treat acne, and not only acne scars, but active cystic acne that's inflammatory and full of gross stuff.
So these people had enough foresight to publish this really beautiful article that I hope you'll pay attention to if you're a physician, or if you're suffering with acne, called the Journal of Dermatological Treatment, it's a high-impact journal. And you can see that they've published a really good study where they did a split-face study. So in these people, half the face was treated with erythromycin, and the other half they injected the active acne with PRP, just like we do with our vampire facial protocols. Now, except that they were more specific in not just micro-needling but instead of micro-needling, they injected the lesions individually with the PRP, and then they looked to see what happened.
And it's very dramatic. If you look at the numbers here, and I'll put a link to the research, if you look at the numbers, the A treatment side is the PRP, the B is the side of the face that got the erythromycin, and you can see the numbers who were severe went down to almost nothing. And with erythromycin you were still left with a lot of active acne. Now, both sides improved, but the PRP side hands down was better than erythromycin. And it makes sense because platelet rich plasma has been used for healing of scars, and it's also been used to fight infection in vitro and in vivo, it's been used to fight infections very effectively.
There was a recently an article about using PRP to help with the healing when you drain the cyst in the buttocks. So even really bad infections in scary places, PRP, platelet rich plasma, has things in the platelets that are meant to fight serious infections that become concentrated.
So I hope you'll let your doctor know, or if you know someone who's suffering with acne, you'll let them know about this treatment, and find one of our doctors on the vampire facelift or the vampire facial website, because they will know how to do this and they'll have a device that's approved by the FDA to prepare plasma to go back into the body. They'll know these techniques. They'll be well-trained, and highly, highly recommend this as part of the way that you get well.
Then of course you can do other things to maintain it, but this is definitely an option for that really bad acnes that's flared up. Now some people still inject these things with cortisone, which I would steer you away from very strongly because the cortisone can cause atrophy. So now the acne goes away, but you're left with a divot that may not have been as severe had you just even left the acne alone. So this has become, in my opinion, the go-to treatment of choice for an active, severe cystic acne lesion.
So I hope you'll let somebody you know who's suffering this problem know about it.


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