Story of a Vampire

Charles Runels MD started out as small town internist with a passion for science, a drive to excel and a knack for marketing. His career has been shaped by a series of challenges.

Today his name is synonymous with the most popular platelet rich plasma (PRP) procedures in the specialties of cosmetic dermatology, gynecology and urology. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Relax and enjoy the fascinating story of a talented entrepreneur.

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How to treat dark circles under the eyes

I had someone asked me recently about ways to treat dark circles under the eyes. This research is out that gives some really beautiful pictures of a way to treat dark circles under the eyes using the Vampire Facelift. There was also a recent article out in Healthline that gives all the different causes for dark circles under the eyes, because it can be allergies. It’s not always a cosmetic problem. Sometimes it can be fatigue.

It can be allergies and dehydration. So, not everything needs to be treated with … of cosmetic procedures. Sometimes you just need to get some extra rest, but we do have some strong science showing that using platelet-rich plasma, as in with our Vampire Facelift, you can have some nice results where some of the … both the wrinkles and the dark colors that can happen there become better.

So, if you’re interested in that, you can read the research and you can check in with one of our physicians to see how to make that better.

Read the research<–

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“Vampire” methods being used to help Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

New research shows that carpal tunnel syndrome may respond to PRP in the same way it helps with Peyronie’s disease and with scaring (with the Vampire Facial®) by decreasing inflammation and promoting healing.

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Vampire (PRP) Treatment of Contact Dermatitis

Research shows the PRP can down-regulate the autoimmune response (helping those we problems like contact dermatitis, lichen sclerosus, and eczema).

In the following video, Leah Kenney (one of our Vampire Facelift® providers) injects someone with PRP who has a contact dermatitis from a ring (the before & after photos follow)…

Here’s some of the research regarding the use of PRP for the treatment of dermatitis<–

Here’s some of the research regarding the treatment of auto-immune problems<–

before and after prp for contact dermatitis

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The Vampire Facelift® may be helpful for scars

Here’s a review of the research showing the use of PRP for the treatment of surgical scars, acne scars, and keloid<–

By using standardized PRP preparation techniques, providers of the Vampire Facelift® procedure can do at least as well if not better than what’s described in this research (click)<–

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Please feel free to comment below and to share. Scars can be very psychologically debilitating. And when scars involve the vulva and vagina, they can cause severe pain (dyspareunia) and disrupt families. You can see more about the use of PRP in the vagina here (click)<–

Like with every procedure, results will vary and no procedure in medicine is without risk

When scars form in the penis, it can cause a bent penis and erectile dysfunction (Peyronie’s disease). You can see more about the use of PRP in the penis here (click)<–

Please share with those who may be helped.

For optimal results, be sure to combine your Vampire Facelift® with Altar™ cream (ask your provider)…

Wound Healing

open letter from one of our certified Vampire Facelift® providers (it’s not just about beauty)…

Erica Kelly, PA-C

Winston-Salem Dermatology
Winston-Salem, NC

This 52 year old lady’s legs were damaged after her coumadin was withdrawn prior to minor surgery, she had showers of LE clots and painful necrosis. In the two years following, her chronically inflamed, fragile skin would develop wounds that were difficult to heal. Even the pressure of a sock or bed sheets would break down the skin.

She could no longer go swimming at her lake house due to infection risk; she wore shorts year-round and slept on top of her covers so her legs were always bare.

We tried PRP in March 2018.

Three months later she sent me photos showing a remarkable recovery. I have attached a series for you.

The best part is how this is transforming her life. She sent this to me today:

“Yesterday I was up and down all day and they looked so great I had to send one more to you. It’s nice looking at them and not want to just ball up and cry anymore. Bless you! (My husband)…is so happy with the results from the first PRP. He said I am no longer embarrassed for people to see and he is VERY happy I am back under the covers with him in our bed!!!!!!!”

Thank you, Erica, for sharing this encouraging story and many thanks to your patient for telling her story.

It’s easy to see why the power of platelet rich plasma may work well when applied expertly to restoring the natural younger face of a man or woman who chooses to use the Vampire Facelift® or Vampire Facial®.

Our Altar™ cream has also been studied in wound healing and would be an excellent after care product for this woman’s legs and for any person’s face.

Research about using PRP for wound healing (click)<–

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