Password Recovery/Reset. Edit Directory Information

The following video shows how to login to membership sites, change password, & edit information on the provider listings. Click to play (shows up much better if you expand it to full screen)...

The login works for those with an active memberships. Would not be fair for us to allow access to non-paying physicians when others are providing money used for patient education, marketing, research, and lawyering to keep unqualified physicians from using our name.

If not sure if your membership is active, we are here 9am -5pm (Chicago Time) Mon-Thursday and 9-noon on Friday. We can tell you if your card expired and renew it if necessary...

TIP= Here's the best software for creating and remembering strong passwords (click)<--

Also, members can schedule a free marketing consult here (click).<--

If your provider membership is currently active...

1. Please click below to access the membership of choice...

2. Once on that page, click on “Lost your password?”

...then enter your username or the email address associated with your account and the computer will email to you a new password.

If you cannot remember either your username or password, then you can look at the Provider Directory to find your listing & see which email address you used for your membership account and have the password sent to you. You can see your listing on the directories here...

3. To change your listed information or password...

To update your Provider Listing Contact information, once you are logged in, look at the very top right of the screen. There will be a black bar across the top and it will say your name. Scroll over your name and choose edit my profile. Fill in all the blanks with the information you want listed on the Provider directory.

Hope this helps!

Charles Runels, MD
Charles Runels, MD (photo)





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