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Thank You Very Much for Offering These Procedures to Your Patients


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  • The license includes rights to use the names in talking to patients in person or on the phone.
  • Includes listing on the respective websites (getting loads of traffic...more than relatively few physicians).
  • Includes rights to create your own YouTube videos or other marketing materials showing that you're part of our group(s).
  • Does not include rights to teach the procedures without written permission. We must make sure that there's consistency across providers to keep the reassurance to patients high.  Also, if A teaches B who teaches C who teaches D without any monitoring of what people are teaching, then what D is doing could be completely different than what A is teaching.
  • Rights to use the names cease if you modify the procedure significantly in such a way that the reputation of other providers may be damaged or if licensing fees are not paid (it's unfair to the other physicians if you benefit from the marketing of the names without supporting..this is the way a trademark works...the collective money allows advertising to an extent greater than most individual physicians would afford).
  • Price of license will NEVER go up. I guarantee the same price for life...unless you end membership and later re-enroll, then license could go up. Price will likely go up in the future to new subscribers to limit numbers (after we reach saturation)..but not to those already subscribed.
  • You can subscribe to any one or all of the licenses. If not accepted, then your initial enrollment fee will be returned.
  • You can edit your info at any time by logging into the membership sites (click the upper right hand corner where you name is listed after you login...then click "edit profile.")
  • If you want a listing for multiple locations, then register a separate license for each location.  Some clinics have five even 11 locations.  Not fair to the others if those with multiple locations are listed at the same price.
  • You can end any license at any time you think it's not profitable. If you end a license, then you much cease use of the name in any way

You can do these procedures without using these names, but if you use these names, even on the phone, even if you do not want to be on the websites, then I'm legally obligated to the other licenses to trigger legal cease and desist proceedings.

Much money and time are spent on an ongoing basis in promoting these names with many benefits to the physicians (and their patients) who use the names. I have two full-time employees devoted entirely to promoting these trademarks and spend much money and personal time on advertising. Trademark attorneys are used to keep unlicensed physicians from taking your business (and possibly hurting our reputation with an inferior procedure).

Those who use these names without registering open themselves to liability that includes a portion of earned income and personal damages to me and to the other physicians who invested in enrollment.

Please join us in changing the lives of our patients and in supporting the education of the millions who need these procedures. I will continue to work diligently and spend many thousands of dollars to help people who need you to find you and your office.


Instructions for student enrollment into the provider groups...



REQUIRED - $1 Confirmation of Identity:  HERE


Vampire FaceLift® Procedure (also includes Vampire Breast Lift®, & Hair).

Click here now to sign up for license to use the Vampire FaceLift® trademark. Details about the license and how it works can be seen here.

After approval, your name will appear here (under find provider).


O-Shot® Procedure

Click here now to sign up for the license to use the O-Shot ® procedure trademark. After approval, your name will appear here under find provider.

Priapus Shot® Procedure

Click here now to sign up for the license to use the Priapus Shot® procedure trademark. After approval, your name will appear here (under find provider)


For LME's Only: Vampire Facial® Procedure

Click here now to sign up for the license to use the Vampire Facial® procedure. If you trained on the Vampire Facelift®, then your membership includes this membership, and you do not need to sign up for this one. This membership is for those people who only do the Vampire Facial and do not do the Vampire Facelift® Details about the license and how it words can be seen here.

After approval, name will appear here.


If you have questions, you can contact me at

or at 251-648-7704 (personal cell--voice or text)

I'd be honored to talk with you about how these procedures and the trademarks protect patients and physicians.

Peace & Health,


Charles Runels, MD
Inventor of the Priapus Shot® procedure
Charles Runels, MD (photo)

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